Forge Your Legacy, Live Your Dream, Build Your Empire.
October 6th & 7th - Paradise Valley, AZ
It’s time to realize your potential, become part of something huge and do something amazing with Build Your Empire, an exclusive program dedicated to educating the next generation of entrepreneurs.
Success is a series of trial and error. You make mistakes, you move on, you learn. It’s a costly process, but if you bounce back after every mistake and every hardship, it’s one that ultimately takes you to where you want to be.

The goal of Build Your Empire is to give you that knowledge without requiring those mistakes. We want you to learn, we want you to evolve, and we definitely want you to succeed—we just don’t think you should lose everything to get there.
Build Your Empire fosters a creative, productive, learning environment where those who aspire can learn from those who have achieved.
At a Build Your Empire event you will learn directly from the entrepreneurs who have already been there, the men and women who have scaled the heights of their respective industries and have a valuable story to tell.

It’s an incubator program that puts a wealth of experienced, successful entrepreneurs in the same room as the ambitious people who want to follow in their footsteps. 

It’s relaxed, it’s fun, but it’s also the first step on the most important journey you will ever take.
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Marketing and Branding
Learn the secrets of building a million-dollar company from scratch through the power of marketing and branding. Discover how to increase turnover, leads and net profit without increasing your expenditure.
Social Media
Learn from influencers who have built multi-million dollar companies off the back of their social media accounts, as well as marketing experts who have used Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get ahead of their competitors. 
Real Estate
Successful real estate investors will show you how to profit from bricks and mortar, whether you’re looking to get your foot on the property ladder or scale-up your portfolio.
Stop envying the people who profited from the cryptocurrency boom and start learning from them. Our mentors will help you to become an expert in ICOs and crypto trading, advising you on the future of these currencies.
Is gold a good investment? What stocks should you buy? Do you have a future as an analyst or financial expert, and is there money to be made in online trading? We have the experts and they have the answers.
The US health and fitness industry is projected to generate over $170 billion in 2018. Learn from fitness gurus and supplement executives to discover how you can earn your share.

Find out how to turn your knowledge and experience into profit no matter how knowledgeable or experienced you actually are.
Learn About All Of These Industries And More During The Very First Build Your Empire Event.
The Future Is Yours
There are currently more entrepreneurs in the US than ever before—more people setting their own goals, doing their own thing, and aspiring to scale new heights.

The internet is breaking down borders, expanding boundaries and creating possibilities for anyone with an idea and the drive to bear it. The rapidly emerging gig-economy is ensuring that hard-working professionals have more opportunities than ever and that creative leaders have an on-demand, highly-driven remote workforce at their disposal.
Build Your Empire is a once-in-a-lifetime event that can help aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed, giving them the knowledge they need to compete in their niche, whatever that niche may be.
These empire builders have already signed on to speak at the very first Build Your Empire event
Casey Adams
The owner of Build Your Empire, marketing director at MOTI, top 25 business podcast host, best-selling author, and personal branding expert.
Jaiden Gross
A Digital Media Agency owner, tech investor who is responsible several successful online services. Jaiden was noted as the top studing in an online training program by Tai Lopez. 
Jeremy Haynes
The founder and CEO of Megalodon Marketing, a digital and social marketing company. Jeremy is also a mentor who helps marketing entrepreneurs build their own 7 figure agencies.
Joshua Denne
An author and entrepreneur who has generated over $1 billion in sales for his clients and teaches others how to do the same.
John Malott
Author, entrepreneur and partner at Build Your Empire
Jefferson Santos
Author of “Higher Life Design”, owner of, and an expert in the travel and lifestyle industry.
JR Garage
Owners of the “JR Garage” and “JR Business” Youtube channels, with nearly 1 million subscribers, millions of dollars in earnings, and a wealth of knowledge in cryptocurrencies and trading.
Chad Aroo Anderson
An ICO advisor and expert in cryptocurrencies.
Cole hatter
Founder of Thrive
Hayden Bowles
A drop-shipping and e-commerce expert who teaches others how to succeed with minimal capital and effort.
Caleb Maddix
An immensely successful young CEO who has authored 9 books and spoken at hundreds of events.
Dan Fleyshman
A philanthropist, licensing expert and media guru who launched and Victory Poker, among others.
Chris Record
The entrepreneurial founder of digital marketing company Tecademics, a mentoring website
Thaddeus Strickland
Influencer, generated over 7 figures in E-commerce, software mogul
Tanner Planes
An expert in the retail space, with a focus on drop-shipping and e-commerce strategies.
Ricky Gutierrez
A successful stock trader and financial expert who is currently the youngest millionaire in Arizona.
Michael Morelli
A social media expert and fitness guru who built a $25 million fitness empire from scratch.
Ishan Goel
An entrepreneur who runs three companies and uses a unique networking strategy to grow his wealth.
Closed over 100 million through the years in multiple industries from stocks to mortgages, fitness and nutrition while specializing in High Performance Habits.
Chad Bernstein
An entrepreneur who is a 8 digit multimillionaire. NYC real estate developer and investor whose company has over 3M SQFT in development. Is in the mining industry and international marijuana company. 
Sean kelly
The former CEO of Jersey Champs which was recently acquired for $4 Million. 
Chase hero
A bootstrapped x-con who turned $2000 into 10’s of millions In advertising sector.
David meltzer
An American business executive, author, and humanitarian best known for his work in the field of sports marketing. 
Zak folkman
After graduating from New York Law School with his J.D., Zak decided to pursue his true passion for building businesses and creating technology. Zak formed his own advertising and technology firm that quickly grew to 8-figures in revenue. In 2013, along with his wife, Zak moved to St. Thomas to realize his dream of working from a laptop on a beach. For the past few years Zak has ran his advertising company from the beautiful Caribbean while also investing in everything from cryptocurrency and technology startups to real estate.
These are our people, this is their empire,
now it’s time for you to build your
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